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24 x 1.1/4 inch (600x32mm) candle

$13.25$344.70 inc GST

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Church Stores candles are all Australian made from two separate suppliers. These candles come from Austral Candles, based in country NSW, one of the best candle makers in the world. Austral WW (for white wax) are made using pure paraffin. The BW (for beeswax blend) are a blend of at least 25% Beeswax blended with paraffin. These are premium candles, they don’t bend or bow in the heat, they burn very cleanly and last a long time. We offer 10% off for carton quantities, please use the drop down menu to see the options. The candles are made in the traditional imperial measurements, and we have provided a millimeter translation for your convenience.

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