24 x 2.1/8 inch (600x54mm) candle

$41.85$61.25 inc GST

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Church Stores candles are all Australian made from two separate suppliers, mostly by Wright Power. All the candles are made of high grade paraffin wax, they are constructed well to burn with minimal smoke, dripping or mess. This is the result of decades of experience in selecting the right wick (only pure cotton wicks) for the candle size, good quality waxes, and proper construction methods.

Most of the beeswax colour candles are dyed to look like beeswax, and have a small amount of real beeswax added. If you notice the price of the beeswax candle is higher than the white candle of the same size, this is made with 25% beeswax by Austral Candles.

Our candles are made in the traditional imperial measurements, and we have provided a millimeter translation for your convenience.

Please contact us should you have any enquiries. We are happy to assist.


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