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Our Lady of Akhtirskaya

$2,300.00 inc GST

Our Lady ‘Akhtirskaya’

10/2017, egg tempera & gold leaf on board

Care and technical information. Please keep this paper for future reference.

This icon is made with egg tempera using only natural minerals like malachite, hematite, lapis-lazuli and others. The properties of this medium are very different from more common nowadays oils or acrylics. During the first year the slow process of binding the paints suspended in the original emulsion continues to take place, eventually forming a hardened resilient film. This is crucial for the future preservation of the icon. During this period an icon is fragile and needs to be handled with special care.

The icon, during the first year and after, should be kept in dry room, away from open windows and direct sunlight. It can be dusted with fine, soft, dry brush or soft feather duster. Never wipe or rub the icon, especially with something wet; wetness can damage the colours. The surface also needs to be protected from accidental scratches; with time, however, its’ resilience will continue growing. A certain unevenness of sheen is typical of icons due to the unevenness of the layers of natural pigments and their different ability to absorb varnish.

Icons do not need a frame. However, if additional protection is desired an icon can be placed under glass, but only after one year of thorough drying.

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