Church Stores

Votive Candles 4″

$11.50$93.15 inc GST


The pack of 500g has approx. 45 candles and the carton og 5kg has approx 450 candles

Church Stores candles are all Australian made from two separate suppliers. These candles come from our Victorian supplier Wright Power, a very trusted name in candles, in operation for over 40 years. Wright Power WW (for white wax) candles, are made using pure high quality paraffin wax. The BW (for beeswax blend) candles contain a small percentage of beeswax, mixed with paraffin. These candles burn cleanly with minimal dripping, with a long burn time while maintaining affordability. We offer 10% off for carton quantities, please use the drop down menu to see the options. The candles are made in the traditional imperial measurements, and we have provided a millimetre translation for your convenience.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 12 × 25 cm

Pack of 500g $11.50, Carton of 5kg $93.15

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